Sunsea International College of Medical Science is one of the institution under Vijayaa International Foundation. Sunsea International College has been formed in order to promote overseas medical education as well as Indian specialized medical courses with the affiliation with Indian Universities. Sunsea International College has association with leading medical universities in Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, China , Ukraine, Singapore, New Zealand,USA and Canada. Sunsea promotes overseas MBBS, BDS, MS, MD, Health Science, Physiotherapy, Clinical Research etc.

Sunsea’s track history

Sunsea has an enviable track record replete with achievements in the sphere of education, especially education abroad. Sunsea has been in the field of education for the last forty three years. Right from the humble stage of inception, Sunsea has never looked back and is instrumental in providing education abroad as well as offering a helping hand to truly deserving students to pursue higher studies. Thus Sunsea has gained a reputation of a trustworthy establishment providing opportunities to students. The goodwill earned by Sunsea has stood it in good stead in attracting reputed international Universities, Colleges and Institutions into its fold.

Sunsea Aviation Services

Sunsea Aviation Services has the distinction of occupying the coveted place in Sunsea Group as the flagship organization. Sunsea Aviation Services specialises in providing aviation courses in a number of countries world wide to students who opt for aviation as their choice of career. Sunsea Aviation Services has tie-ups with reputed and established Flying Schools in different parts of the world and has undertaken the onerous responsibilities of shaping the future of aspiring students in the aviation sector.

Sunsea Global Education

Having achieved unmatched success in the sphere of aviation education abroad, Sunsea embarked on a mission of expanding its reach into the sector of education abroad encompassing various disciplines with the inception of its branch devoted solely for this purpose and aptly named it Sunsea Global Education. Through its untiring efforts, Sunsea Global Education has entered into tie-ups with reputed universities, colleges and institutions in seventeen countries across the globe. Sunsea Group has so far contributed 570 students to these institutions and thus earned their goodwill as well as praise from the student community of the country.

Vijayaa International Foundation

Vijayaa International Foundation is a charitable trust with a mission of making education attainable to deserving students of all strata of society. Vijayaa International Foundation is established by eminent educationists who are steadfast in their commitment to serve the society by making education affordable to the youth of the country. This is achieved with tie-ups and understanding with Sunsea Group which is the operational arm of the foundation and through them with various institutions abroad.

Study plan websites

The strength of Sunsea Group lies in its novel methods of promotion of courses and institutions through the websites which are user - friendly and in which all types of relevant information are easily accessible. Sunsea’s study plan website comprises separate websites for different branches of study. This enables the student to directly focus on their area of specialisation and interest and take an early decision on their course of action.

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